About Little Grey Kitty

Hi! My name is Sharon and I like to make art.

That kind of sounded like an intro at Artists Anonymous or something. I actually like to do lots of things, which can be my downfall many days.

I am the only housewife (no kids) that I know. I like to stay home and cook and bake, garden, decorate, paint, plan parties, and learn new instruments. Right now I’m working on the cello.

I usually work on about 12 pieces of art at one time. When I was in art school, my teachers would look at my work and say that they couldn’t recognize a style from one piece to another. This made me “unmemorable” to art browsers. That is something I continue to work on. I am still young and still learning.

Recently, I decided to open an etsy store and a few weeks later I started looking into doing craft fairs. I appeared in my first craft fair on October 8th, 2011 and I sold one thing. I feel like that may have been discouraging for some people- but I saw it as a test of sorts. I am not doing this for money (although that would be nice!) I am doing it because it’s what I just naturally do and I love it.

What I do:

  • Portraits – of people, pets or houses/buildings. In pencil or ink.
  • Decorative wall hangings- wooden plaques with pictures, poems, verses or sayings on them.
  • Fine art- in acrylic paint and mixed media on stretched canvas. I also build assemblages.
  • Custom work- examples coming soon.
  • Greeting cards
  • Rice or flax seed pouches. These are pretty cloth fabric pouches filled with rice or flax. They are heated in the microwave and used like hot pads to relieve pain such as headaches and sore muscles. These are common, but mine are different because I also make “quilted” versions which allow the pouch to be wrapped around a limb without the rice all falling to the bottom.

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