I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted here! I swear it’s only been a couple months tops. But then I’ve never been good with time management.

This blog has morphed a little since I started it. Originally, it was to showcase my art with only a small personal aspect. But since pretty much my only readers are relatives, and I don’t do art 24 hours a day, I started sharing more personal things on it. I recently promised a cousin I would write here with some life updates- so here goes:

I am now about 5 months pregnant. That feels weird to say. I always thought I would have kids, but like lots of things in life I guess I just thought it would happen “someday”, not on an actual day in reality. I’m due at the end of February. I never knew a pregnancy lasts 10 months- not 9. Oh, and it’s a boy. I think we have a name pretty much settled on. It’s not Remington Steele like I wanted, but it’s a good name I think.

We got a second dog last year. His name is Frank and he’s some kind of mix of basset, catahoula hound, and who knows what. He’s kind of long with stubby legs, floppy ears and brown on brown splotches. One blue eye, one brown. He’s not a very smart dog, but he is a complete lover and loves to snuggle. He’s become my bathroom buddy- he always accompanies me there. I think it’s because sometimes I turn on the space heater and that’s his favorite.

He has no idea how to fetch or play tug of war. If you take a toy he’s playing with and throw it, he just looks at you like “why would you do that, buddy?”. He eats anything cardboard that is on the floor. He snores and runs and barks in his sleep. He stares into the glass doors of the fireplace for hours, growling at the phantom dog who lives in there. He and Louie like to play together which is why we wanted a second dog in the first place.

Little grey kitty, Zelda, is still kicking around. She spends her days on the back porch and her evenings kneading my stomach and getting brushed or being yelled at to stop puncturing my skin so much.

EDIT: I started writing this post months ago (10/2/2013) and never finished it.. but here it is now. I always wished I wrote more but its so easy for me to just go on and on. Instead of adding to this one, ill begin again.