Hello old friends! Wow I really let time get away from me here. But good news- I am back in the studio.

I have a friend who requested some seasonal decor pieces a LOONG time ago. I am still working on those. But more recently, she asked for some bible verse art for her mom who is visiting. I finally finished one last night and I am working on another one, although I’m having a hard time getting it past the first coat, or rough outline stage. I sent her a picture of the finished piece this morning, and she asked if I could add some shells or flowers or something else to the corners. I had already spent some time sliding shells around it and decided it looked better the way it was. But since she asked, I will go and try again.

In other news- we switched our bedroom and office. As in, we put our bed, nightstands and bookshelves (we don’t have a dresser or chest) into the room formerly used as our office and moved our desks, chairs, filing cabinet and other storage into the master bedroom. We did it so we could have more room in our office/studio space. It’s a little weird but so far it is working pretty nicely. The only drawback is also an advantage. The master bedroom is very dark which is bad for painting. However, the (former) office receives direct sunrise, so that is great for waking up in the morning.

I’ve been having a little trouble with my eye- it’s either an overactive tear duct or a blocked drainage duct. A couple days I woke up with one eye glued completely shut which I think it pretty hilarious. A hot compress applied a few times a day has alleviated it almost completely. Oh, also I have pink hair. 🙂

I just had our third annual Christmas in July party. Unfortunately it was a bit of a flop. Even though the food all turned out perfect and right on time, I was exhausted by the time the guests arrived. It was a smaller group than usual and very mismatched. A lot of people didn’t know each other which severely stunted the conversation and merry-making. I didn’t do a great job introducing people and most of the guests left quite early due to kids, early mornings or most likely, boredom. I decided to not do the pin the nose on the Rudolph game I usually do, and I wish I had. So it was pretty depressing. I put a LOT of effort into the Christmas parties and I was sad that a lot of people weren’t able to make it. To my guests who came: Thank you for coming, I apologize, and please come next year I promise it will be better! (I also forgot to take any pictures! Agh!)