I am trying to type this out kind of quick and Zelda keeps flopping violently into my hands and rubbing her wet nose and mouth on my arms. She usually ends up laying across the front of my laptop and I kind of have to reach over/around her while she kneads whatever body part she can reach (boobs).

Anyway! Today I made another apple cake, (I plan to make one more- I have just enough chopped apples) oatmeal scotchies, peanut butter cookies, flourless peanut butter cookies and… I guess that’s it. Feels like I’m forgetting something. Oh well. Pictures later. I’m tired. ‘Night!

UPDATE: The oatmeal scotchies are amazing!! We sat here and ate most of them last night! I had to force myself to stop- and even after eating like 10 of them, I didn’t feel sick at all. They are a delicious, soft, chewy oatmeal cookie (not all cakey) and the butterscotch chips are awesome. They would be great with traditional chocolate chips or raisins, too.

The flourless peanut butter cookies came out very nice. I did not have any peanuts to put in them so I used a combination of chopped walnuts, pecans and cashews- yum! When they first came out of the oven, they were very fragile and broke asily. After a couple days, they softened up and acquired a slight chewiness.

Regular peanut butter cookies also good! (I ate one and gave the rest of the batch to my dad for Christmas. He suggested I halve the amount of sugar as he has been eating my mom’s cookies for years and that is what she does.)