This blog was meant to be about my art- but cooking is an art right? I was supposed to have a friend over today so we could bake together, but I found out late last night that she wasn’t able to make it. I was a little depressed over this because I had been planning on it for a while and had gotten all ready for our day together. As such, I didn’t get started baking until about 2pm.

NOTE: When I say “today” in this post, I am actually talking about Thursday, the 22nd. I know it’s technically Friday now, but I haven’t been to bed yet, so it’s still Thursday to me. So there.

Here’s is what got made today: (I plan to finish my list tomorrow.)

Apple Cake: SOOO Good! Would be GREAT for breakfast! It has 3 cups of apples, coconut, walnuts, cinnamon and is soaked in a buttermilk caramel sauce. Yeah.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: The big one in the middle was the last cookie. 🙂

Sugar Cookies: The first picture is of the cookies made right. The second picture are the ones I made before I remembered how I’m supposed to make them. (Flatten before baking, don’t leave in mounds! The edges cook too fast for the middles.)

Coconut Chews: These are my favorite thing. It’s a pastry crust with a gooey filling full of coconut and walnuts and then a glaze of powdered sugar, butter, and orange and lemon juice. I usually use butter for the crust but this time I tried palm oil- which is what non-hydrogenated shortening is. It tastes good, but it seemed to cook faster and get brown. It had an interesting nutty aroma when it came out of the oven. I know they don’t look it, but these things are gooey, sticky, crispy, flaky and addicting.

Butterscotch Blondies: These were the very last thing to come out of the oven tonight (around 2am). I haven’t tried them yet, so I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I also made up a DELICIOUS sausage meatloaf using jimmy dean hot sausage. Here is the recipe: Sausage Meatloaf. We like Bob Evan’s sausage meatloaf and this was just as good! It has you use half a can of cream of mushroom soup with some milk to make a gravy. I added to that some of the drippings from the meatloaf and some beef bouillon powder. It was good stuff.