You ever look at a word for too long and it starts to look really weird? Like it’s not a real word even; and if it is a real word, it’s spelled wrong. I’ve been looking at “champagne” too long. After an hour or two, it doesn’t look too far off from “chimpanzee”. And I have the strong urge to spell it phonetically: “sham-pain”. There has to be some sort of psychology or witticism about how “champagne” is pronounced “sham-pain”. I got nothing.

I am working on a sign with the phrase “Champagne is the answer”. Hopefully, I’ll have it done by the end of the week. I am making some examples now for the lady to look at. I’ll update here when I have them done.

It’s been a busy week I guess. We are picking a new color(s) to paint the house. Right now it’s beige. All beige, with reddish, pinkish, yellowish brick accents and a brown roof. We have been getting paint samples, painting a bit of the house and then marinating on the color. So far we have three greens, a cream and a brown.

We are also trying to learn Sleigh Ride arranged for duet on piano. It’s quite a difficult song, so time will tell if we actually learn it for this year. We might need another year of practice.

(Note: Right now, Gordon is snapping the living room furniture with a dish towel and Louie is barking, running around, trying to bite the towel and generally freaking out. Heehee!)

Other than that, I am trying desperately to get the house organized. We finally got some sturdy shelves set up in the extra bedroom so I can store boxes and all the items that won’t fit in the kitchen like food processor, extra crock pots, pitchers, large pans, etc.

I just went through the garage sale leftovers (they’ve been in the garage for a looong time) and made a large box to take to goodwill. Then there are all the stacks of papers- old documents, sale ads, junk mail, recipes, newspapers, magazines, etc that  have just piled up. Whenever we have a party, I just stack up all the papers that are out and throw them somewhere. Well, 10 parties later it’s starting to get ridiculous. I filled a trash can last night and reduced the amount of boxes of stuff in front of my desk by more than half.

Speaking of my desk- I haven’t been able to work at it in about a month. I cleared out the extra bedroom so we could put the treadmill in there and I could practice my cello in there also. I put all the boxes in the living room so I could go through them. Then we had a Halloween party, so I shoved them all into the office in front of my desk, along with any other stray items and papers I found.

I also got the Christmas decorations out this week. Most of the interior ones are up and around. And there are two presents wrapped so far.

I guess that’s about it. Okay, back to the champagne.