I don’t have a piece of paper handy to make a list. I can’t get up to get my list pad because the little grey kitty is all snuggly on my lap. If I make a list in a word doc or in my email, it’ll just get lost. So here it is:

1) Pack and mail two etsy orders
2) Two Thanksgiving canvas paintings
3) Two wooden star door knobs
4) Custom “my opinion offended you?” plaque
5) Painting for mom’s living room
6) Photograph and list more things on etsy

Did I forget something?

I went to a small craft fair tonight. I bought something from a girl and asked her if she had a card with a website or anything. She said she had a website up, but hadn’t listed anything on it and asked if I had heard of etsy. (Ha!) I said yes, and that I was going to recommend it as a great place to begin selling things. She said that’s where her site was but that she hadn’t listed anything because she doesn’t have a tax number and that etsy makes you charge sales tax. She said etsy recommends you check your local county tax laws or something or other. This bewildered me. I have never read anything on etsy about having to charge sales tax or needing to have a tax number.

When I told them I don’t report or pay taxes on my (small!) income from etsy, the girl and her mom kind of looked at me like I was criminal. I feel like I read everything there was about how to sell on etsy and all the rules and regulations. Am I right to think it’s a little extreme to report an income of like less than $500 a year? Who is crazy here? Me or them? Wisdom, please.