I handed out “business cards” (my info printed on a square of plain white paper) at the craft fair today. So I’d like to take a minute to say
Hello!” to anyone who is visiting here that saw me today. Thank you for looking! That was my first craft show, and it was a very nice day.

I have an etsy store here. There are only three things in there right now. I will be at another craft fair on Oct. 15 at Isle of Faith UMC. After that show, I will list all the items that are left over on etsy. I don’t want to risk selling the same item at the fair AND on etsy!

Here is a listing of all my current work that is for sale. If you are interested in an item you see here, just let me know and i will set up an etsy listing and reserve it just for you! (I figured out how to make a gallery, so these images should be easy to look through. Just click the first one and then click the large image to see the next picture, and so on!) Sorry the pictures are so big. I will re-size them tomorrow.