Something I try to ask myself is “What do people want to buy?” I can only go off of what I would like to buy and what kind of things I see in stores. I figure most stores are pretty in tune to what consumers are looking for. Of course, I am not a chain store and I want to offer something unique. Because why would someone buy from me something they could buy at Walmart? Besides the whole “support local art” thing.

I try to make things that would surprise people. Things they wouldn’t know they wanted until they saw it. Of course, I would also make things people are specifically looking for. So… what would you like to see? Is there a decorating theme you are always searching for, such as tulips, ladybugs, dragons, certain color schemes, french country, seasonal decor, children’s room decor, personalized items, etc. Is there a quote, verse or poem you would like to hang on your wall? Let me know in the comments! I can make you art for you so good!