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I meant to lay down for 4 hours today, but ended up getting a full 8. Oops and oh well and it’s probably for the best. For those who don’t know, I often sleep days and work nights. It’s not that I work better or anything like that, it just always seems to end up that way. I regularly try to “right” my schedule by either sleeping a day and night, or staying up a whole night and day. Invariably, though, my schedule flips right back over again within a few days. I always laugh at myself when I take the dog out to pee at 4pm, still in my pajamas.

This will be my first time showing my work in any kind of setting other than critique circle at art school or on my bedroom wall. I am very nervous and a little anxious about the small amount of work I have to take. I know quality is better than quantity, but what if I sell out? More realistically, what if I sell out of all the good things, and all that’s left are the less than stellar pieces. How lame. On the other hand, what if I don’t sell anything?! I am pretty calm about this actually, I just have small freak-out moments every now and then. If nothing else, I’ll get to sit outside with a friend and enjoy the weather. Oh, and I heard there will be free coffee so what have I got to lose!?

On to today: I finished five things, but then Gordon pointed out a spelling error on one, so it’s back in the to-do pile. If anyone has any suggestions or critiques, please let me know. I am going to try to sell these, so your opinion counts!! (click little pics for bigger pics)