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Today was beautiful. I had a restless night and slept in this morning. My awesome husband came home and made coffee, did most of the dishes and reheated us some leftovers for lunch. The weather has been delightful, low humidity and a slight fall chill. I walked into the kitchen to open the windows and got two see two large birds in the yard at the same time.

great egret



So far today I completed four pieces. I hope to do at least one more tonight before bed. I finally finished my “witches brew” plaque with the famous Shakespeare poem on it, the “love one another”, the “boo!” and a bible verse on canvas which I think turned out lovely. You can click each picture to bring up the full size image.

I’m not real happy with the lettering on the first piece. I think it ended up being too heavy and it looks… I don’t know… cheap somehow. I used black wire for the first time as a hanger. I’m experimenting with ways to fasten it. This time I just curled up the ends several times to hold it.